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Notes from the Section (11/06)

GMC Featured in the Rutland Herald

"I think the Green Mountain Club is the repository of a lot of our cultural heritage," ... said Paul Ralston, club member since 1973 ... calling the organization's charge of forest paths one of the last vestiges of true New England "pioneer spirit." ...

Though appreciated by nonhiking members for protection of a perceived high elevation "landtrust," Rose said the Green Mountain Club is not an environmental guild but a hiking organization plain and simple.

"We have to stay true to that," ... said Ben Rose, the club's executive director. "I like the idea that my grandkids will be able to hike on this trail just like I did with my kids ..."

New Edition of Day Hiker’s Guide to Vermont

The Green Mountain Club has just released the 5th edition of Day Hiker’s Guide to Vermont, a comprehensive description of the state’s hiking trails outside the Long Trail System. Trail conditions change over time, so the new edition was needed to keep maps and directions up-to-date. The new Guide also includes trails built since the last edition.

The 5th edition provides all the information you need about more than 200 day hikes off the Long Trail in Vermont, including: detailed directions about how to drive to the trailheads; full color maps; information about distance, hiking time, and elevation gain; lists of Vermont's trail organizations; and helpful hiking and equipment tips.

The volunteers who contributed to the creation of the Day Hiker’s Guide have great passion for hiking in the Green Mountain State. As a result this guide offers tried and true ways to explore Vermont’s high peaks on foot through natural and historic areas, state parks, and recreational paths. The 5th edition is dedicated to the clubs, associations, camps, and other volunteer groups that build and maintain many of the footpaths enjoyed by Vermont residents and visitors.

The Day Hiker's Guide to Vermont and other GMC publications are available through GMC's online store or by calling Marvin B. Gameroff Center toll free at 1-877-484-5053 extension 10. The guide is also available through local hiking retail outlets and bookstores.

For more information and a photo of the new cover, go to

Discounts for GMC Members

Green Mountain Club members get a 10% discount at Outdoor Gear Exchange, on 152 Cherry Street in Burlington. The store has a wide selection of new and used equipment for camping, backpacking, paddling, biking, rock-climbing and other outdoor activities. There are also knowledgeable clerks available to answer questions.

Hiking Trails and Cliffs Re-Opened After Peregrine Nesting

In the July 2006 issue of Ridge Lines, we listed areas in Vermont that were closed because of possible peregrine falcon nesting. All those trails have been reopened by the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project, a joint venture of Vermont Fish & Wildlife, National Wildlife Federation, Vermont Institute of Natural Science and other groups.

The elimination of DDT, combined with active monitoring and protection of nesting sites for two decades now, have successfully restored Vermont’s peregrine falcon population. Between 1985 and 2005, over 500 peregrine falcon chicks have taken flight from Vermont cliffs. In April 2005, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources removed the bird from Vermont's Endangered and Threatened Species List.

One exciting piece of news happened in April 2004, when a falcon that was banded in 2002 as a nestling on Mount Horrid was found in Nicaragua, about 2400 miles from where it was hatched.

(Unfortunately, the bird collided with a fence while chasing prey and was killed. A local farmer brought the bird to a Peace Corps volunteer in a nearby village. She found the name of the band manufacturer on the inside of one of the falcon’s leg bands, contacted the company, and the manufacturer forwarded the information to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science.)

Activities, Activities, Activities

Did you know that the Green Mountain Club offers scores of outings every single month? The Burlington Section activities are described in Ridge Lines. You can find information about every other section’s activities at Go to News and Events and then Events Calendar. All GMC sections welcome trip participants from other sections.